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Here at Colorado Mountain Fishing it is our goal to become your number one source for providing information for fishing, camping, hiking, four wheeling, and photography while out in the Colorado Mountains. Listed within the pages of this website are several lake reviews with directions and GPS coordinates so as a beginner you can get out and find some spectacular lakes to fish. The reviews include popular flies, lures, and baits that work well at the lakes to increase your chances of catching some of those wild trout. Our Articles section contains many great articles and helpful information to ensure your trips into the remote backcountry will be safe and memorable. While this site is dedicated to the state of Colorado, most of the information here can be used no matter where you are hiking and fishing.

We have put together a spectacular team of experts to help with our Forum. The knowledge base of these members is unmatched and they are here to help with any of your questions about spending time in the Colorado backcountry. So be sure to join our forum ask questions and join in with the community of fishermen that enjoy the same great Colorado high country fishing as you do. Probably the most useful part of the forum would be our reports section which allows users to post reports on their latest fishing adventures.

This site was put together because of the lack of information I was able to find on the internet when I first started researching fishing in the Colorado Mountains backcountry. Most of the fisherman who fished these types of waters held any information they had to themselves. So after thousands of hours of scouring websites, scrolling through google earth, reading topo maps and talking to locals I have accumulated a large database of fishable waters over 10,000ft. With my knowledge and that of the Area experts we should be able to help answer any questions. With over forty wilderness areas, a dozen national forests, over forty state parks, and two hundered and thirty wildlife areas there are some amazing fishing destinations in Colorado. View our gallery to get an idea of some of the spectacular scenery and fishing that can be found in the Colorado Mountains.

Fishing techniques that are shared on this site will help you catch those elusive wild mountain trout. Some of the trout species that live in those high mountain will include all three cutthroat trout species, brown trout, brook trout, lake trout (mackinaw), and rainbow trout. On top of those species with a little bit of work it might be possible to locate some exotics like the golden trout or the artic grayling.

More than just the hiking, camping, and fishing, we have many experienced four wheel drive enthusiast and photographers. It doesn't matter if you ride the trails in a Jeep or enjoy bouncing over the rocks in a 4runner you will find info about trails, ideas for getting your rig trail ready, and anything related to wheeling. Plus the photography of some of our members is top notch, some members have been published in journals, magazines, and books. They are also more than willing to help beginning photographers and suggest how to improve your shots if interested.

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