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Bob and Betty Lakes is located in the Indian Peaks Wilderness and can be reached via the Bob and Betty Lakes Trail. To get to the Rollins Pass Trailhead take Highway 40 to Winter Park. Turn east on the Moffat Road (Forest Road 149) just south of Winter Park. Travel about 14 miles on the dirt road to the trailhead. The Hessie Trailhead can be reached via County Road 130 west from Nederland to Eldora. Continue west on County Road 111 just west of Eldora. Follow the narrow dirt road for another mile to the Hessie turnoff.  From the Rollins Pass Trailhead on the west, travel east on the King Lake Trail for .7 miles to the Bob and Betty Lakes Trail. This trail is about five miles from the Hessie Trailhead on the east. Betty Lake is about .5 miles from the beginning of the trail, Bob Lake is about .25 miles northwest of Betty Lake

These lakes are in a Wilderness area so you cannot drive to them, you need to either hike or get to them on horseback.  The dirt roads to the trailheads are doable in most stock vehicles but high ground clearance is recommended.  It is usually ice free and accessible around mid-June.  Bob Lake is at N3957.090' Latitude and W10541.058' Longitude with an elevation of 11,580 ft.  Betty Lake is at N3956.910' Latitude and W10540.788' Longitude with an elevation of 11,480 ft. 

Bob Lake is a deep lake, it lies in a steep rock cirque above timberline. Only the eastern shore is easily accessible for fishing. Betty Lake is a shallow lake that lies on a bench above timberline. All of the shoreline is easily accessible for fishing.  Both lakes contain cutthroat trout.  Camping is permitted but campfires are not allowed. A camping permit for the Middle Boulder Travel Zone is required. 

This list is intended as a guide only and no responsibility is taken for any incident arising from mis-information. The ultimate responsibility as to whether the trail is safe to travel, within the capabilities of yourself and your vehicle, or indeed open at all, is taken by YOU.




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