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Current Donations and Fundraising Projects
I am offering this site free of charge until Jan. 01 2009, if you'd like to send me a donation to help with the hosting fees I have created a donate button which you can send me money via paypal. If you do not want to buy a tshirt for any of our fundraising projects (we only get 1$ profit from shirts) but want to send money to help, please use the donate button and send me a PM or email letting me know what you want the funds used for.

Currently we only have one fundraising project going on and that is the "Save the Lake Trout" poster campaign for WSA. The harvesting of large lake trout has hurt the trophy mackinaw fishing in Colorado.  These fish grow slow and it takes 20 plus years and have been known to live up to 62 years.  I am selling save the Lake Trout T-shirts in which case the profits are going towards the printing of more posters. If you do not want to purchase a T-shirt but still want to donate to this project email me and I will give you the information you need.





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