Author Topic: What Travel Spinning Rod would pair well with a Shimano Stradic 2500FH Reel?  (Read 2634 times)


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I'm trying to find a travel spinning rod that will pair well with my Shimano Stradic 2500FH reel. I don't know enough about spinning rods to know what length, action or power it should be. What I do know is that I'd like the rod to balance well with my Shimano Stradic 2500FH reel. I'd also want it to be a 4-piece travel rod since I'll be carrying it in a pack to Colorado's mountain lakes, rivers, streams, creeks and beaver ponds. I'll also be using it fish Colorado's warm water lakes in the Eastern Plains. I'll be fishing for trout, bluegills, sunfish, bass and walleye. I'm not absolutely sure what size lures I'll be using, but I'm guessing they won't be overly big. I'll most likely be fishing with an assortment of kastmasters, rooster tails, and mepps spinners. But, on the other hand, I suppose it would be good to have the flexibility to go bigger if needed.

I mostly fish with a fly rod, but would like the flexibility to switch over to a spin casting outfit when conditions favor it.

Thanks for helping me find a good match for my reel.

Respectfully, Bryan


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I scored an Eagle Claw setup from MooseGoose last year, its pretty sweet.  Hit him up for the exact model and he has pics too.
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Don't know how much you want to spend, but St Croix now has a travel version (4 piece) of there Triumph series.  I believe they come in L, ML and M.  They're all fast action.


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I like my 7' M eagle claw trailmaster.  I use it all the time - metro, travel, hiking, etc.  I use it with a similar sized Abu Garcia reel.


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Yep!! Trailmaster!!

Gave my last one to a kid a few weeks back.. Other than the freakin yellow color it seemed pretty nice.