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Plano Guide Series Tackle Bag
« on: March 23, 2014, 01:51:28 PM »
Plano Guide Series Tackle Bag - Product Review
Here is my thorough product review on the new Plano Guide Series Tackle Bag:

The Plano Guide Series Tackle Bags are a must have for any angler this upcoming season. Plano offers them in 3 different sizes (3500, 3600, and 3700) so one of them is bound to fit your fishing style and tackle sizes. Each tackle bag comes loaded with 5 or 6 customizable tackle trays, a front pocket with ample storage for your pliers, tape measurer, and scale, an expandable mesh pocket on the back, two padded side pockets, a molded top with an elastic tie down for easy access, and a clear zippered pocket under the top cover. These bags also feature a rugged waterproof bottom to protect your investments and keep your gear dry. Oh and did I mention that these tackle bags took home an ICast 2013 Award for Best Tackle Management product.
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