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The Bears Den
« on: November 04, 2018, 09:14:34 PM »
It's been awhile since I've been here, but now life have slowed down and I can get back to the important things in

I have been fishing a creek that's been a real treat for me lately, and have not at one time been disappointed in it. I will not disclose the true name of this creek because it gets very little fishing pressure. So I will call it the Bears Den because of the number of bears I have encountered in this area. I'm just glad they mind their own business as I mind mine.

The creek has it all, rainbows, browns, cutthroats and brookies.  It's just an amusement park for a fly fisherman with such amazing scenery for a small canyon area. 

The last time I was in the Bears Den, I took a friend from work who has never fly fished before, and he was eager to at least learn the basics to just get a good start at it. As soon as we entered into the area I heard him say, "bear."  I looked up and there above us about 50 yards at most was a bear pushing 300 pounds. I was thankful it wanted nothing to do with us because it certainly was big enough to ruin our day in a most unpleasant way if it wanted to.

We trekked on in deeper and I set my friend up and showed him a good little run to try.  I showed him how and where to cast, and I really hate doing that because what happens is, I usually, 99% of the time end up catching the fish I want my guest to catch. And so it happened, but I missed, and in doing so gave my friend a shot at it. Nope, the fish was a one shot chance, so we moved on. We found another spot and he cast his fly, lifted up his rod to prevent drag, and it was like slow motion as we watched a rainbow slowly come up and take his offering.  I said, " set it!"  and he lifted up and the fight began.  He had a huge grin on his face and that just made my day.

As we continued on, we leap frogged each other and I would watch him from a distance to see how he was doing every time I passed him up.  As I was in an area where there seemed to be a fish behind every rock, I looked up and he was standing there giving me the thumbs up.  I asked how he was faring and he said he missed a few, but was glad he was able to bring them up to the surface. "But I see you're doing alright,"  he said.  I just shrugged my shoulders and said, " all in a days work I guess."

He wants to go again, and I'm glad.