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Three In Line Spinners you must have in your tackle box for the Colorado Back Country

- Rick Schroeder

When I am not flailing with the long rod, one of my favorite things to toss would be an in line spinner on a light action spinning rod.They have long been a favorite of trout fisherman and have caught many a trout dinner.They come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and brands. I am going to familiarize you with three of my favorites which are my must haves for any of my adventures into the backcountry. They are versatile enough that you can fish them either in streams or those high mountain lakes. They will catch every trout species I know of from the brook trout to the cutthroats that frequent those high country waters. I have slayed countless rainbow and brown trout with them as well. Black Panther Martin SpinnerThe first one I will talk about is my all time favorite. If I�m getting skunked, its time to switch to the black and orange Panther Martin. This Panther Martin has caught me more trout than any other in line spinner I have ever used. I normally use the smaller sizes 1/16 oz or 1/8 oz and if night fishing I up size to the largest one I have with me. I will also add that another great color for this spinner is yellow and orange, but I prefer the black and orange. The best way to work this lure in lakes is to cast out and let it sink until it almost hits the vegetation, then crank it just fast enough to keep it above the weeds

Mepps Spinner

This second one I had never used until I moved to Colorado. It's called a Mepps Spinner I prefer the gold blade. After talking to a number of old timers I came to the conclusion that this lure is a must have. The gold flash it produces in those clear Rocky Mountain Lakes and the beads slapping together on every turn of the reel handle, drive those trout crazy. They hit this lure so aggressively that almost every bite will be a hook up. I tend to work this lure as fast as I can. Most strikes you will see the fish come out of no where chasing it as fast as they can and slamming it. Definitely an exciting way to fish.

Blue Fox Flash SpinnerThe last last lure on my list of must haves is my newest favorite in line spinner. The Blue Fox Flash in rainbow trout pattern. This spinner has quickly become one of my all time favorites. It stays high in the water column, and has a lot of flash, and the white hackle gives it that extra action. If you see me fishing any stream in the mountains, I will be ripping this as fast as I can across the current and behind boulders, hoping to enticing a reaction strike out of the trout positioned there.

There are a couple of extra ways to rig these as well. The first is to reduce the amount of line twist that you are getting. Simply insert a swivel into the line. This can be done by cutting a three to four foot piece of line off to use as a leader. Then attach the swivel to the main line and attach your leader and spinner to the other. The swivel eliminates most of the line twisting caused by the spinner. Yet another way to rig these lures is to do the same as above but to use a leader as long as your pole, six or seven foot, and place a casting bubble above the swivel. This will allow you to cast the spinner farther even if using the smallest size.If you fill the bubble up completely it will sink. Once again, I like to let it sink to just above the weed beds and then start reeling it in. So, next time you're field stripping your tackle box, and trying to figure out what lures you want to use on your trip. Make sure to pick up a couple of these in line spinners to torment those wild Colorado mountain trout.